Monday, February 20, 2017


A few weeks ago I found myself wearing a white dress and a breathtaking white cape in the city of Ponce. What merely started as work, ended up being a magical ambient for a spectacular photoshoot. It was my turn to get in front of Francisco's lens, and I honestly do not know what got into me, but something out of the norm started to happen. The vibe that dress and cape gave me was unreal. It was not me posing anymore, but my inner self (or something similar I think). Maybe it was my own soul telling me to let go of myself and just flow along the wind's direction. I do not know what exactly was but my body felt it. The cape played with the wind so lovely while the dress hugged my body in every corner. There was joy all over the place. There was so much energy in there that Jean (the beautiful girl who's with me in the pictures) started crying tears of pure joy and it was so contagious we basically ended up laughing, crying and with goosebumps all over us. What I wanted to say was, it was indeed, a beautiful moment.

Wearing| Me: Miriam Budet white dress & cape, Novus heels.
Wearing| Jean:  Miriam Budet Blouse & skirt, Reyes Play hat.
Pics: Francisco Alustiza

Special thanks to Centro Cultural de Ponce and Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino

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