Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flower Empowered | In Collaboration x Moni & Coli

Who said flowers can only make you look girly? I do not know about you but this outfit gives me a total different impression, it gives me some kind of powerful feeling. Maybe it's the strong contrast between the blacks and the whites along with the strappy heels, or maybe it is just the ponytail(something I don't usually wear), I am not quite sure what it is but it does. I have to admit that this was my favorite outfit from the whole collaboration. It was funny because at first everyone was looking at me like: Are you sure those pieces look good together? I just smiled and told them: wait 'till you see the final result, you'll see; and guess what happened later? they loved it or at least that's what they told me. Honestly, I loved it, it looks different and it catches your attention.


Wearing: Moni & Coli Top, Skirt, Golden Bangles & Sunnies, Zara Strappy Heels, and Forever 21 Black and Golden Leather Bracelet.

Coordinated Grid | In Colabboration x Moni & Coli


This is the second outfit from my collaboration x Moni & Coli.
The moment I started browsing through the hangers something caught my attention, something white with black lines on it, so I grabbed it and when I saw it, I have found it. Months ago I saw this exact same dress in a fashion editorial on the internet and I'mma be honest with you, I did not know what to think about it, for me it was just another dress, but believe me when I tell you that it is a whole different thing once you have it in your hands. It is comfy, it is breezy, it is WHITE( my favorite color), and it is completly wearable and manageable at any time of the day. And now moving on to my fav piece of the whole outfit, that necklace was a stunner, I have been looking for a piece like that for a long, long time it gives me a gipsy-kind of vibe  but at the same time it preserves some kind of elegance.


Wearing: Dress, Ring, Bracelets, Necklace & Sunnies from Moni & Coli, Zara Heels & Bag, Forever 21 Midi Rings

Artejangueo- Fashion Edition

Three weeks ago I went with some of my friends, bloggers and non-bloggers, to Artejangueo. For those who do not know what Artejangueo is, just imagined the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico open at night with live art, a lot of people dressed to impress, an open bar and well, this time due to the Fashion theme, some designer presented pieces from their collections. The interesting part about this night, besides, well, being actually there, was that all my blogger friends and I wore Jean Cintrón that night. He took care of everything, he created every single piece of clothes we wore, and the best of all was that each one of us preserved our own style. Oh and btw, if you haven't noticed yet, Jean is the one standing besides us in the first picture.


Wearing: Jean Cintrón Dress, My grandma's diamond necklace, Vintage golden necklace, Rosary Necklace my brother brought me from Mexico, Forever 21 Heels, Aldo Clutch and Rings, and Zara Belt. In the last picture I'm trying on a necklace from Punky's latest collection.

Pictures courtesy of Charleen Monserrate & one instagram pic from Jean Cintrón.


 Loose clothes, baggy sweaters, no shoes, light make-up and messy hair. There is no trying, there is no doing, there is no forcing, and there is no thinking. Two weeks ago I found myself inside an empty house, with a bag full of the most relaxed clothes I could find in my house, and the photographer, Deborah Santiago. Laid back was all we could think of, so that was exactly what we got, pictures and portraits full of calmness, whites', greys' and blacks', colors that somehow are gentle to the eyes and empathic to the mind. 
Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Wearing: Zara White Crop Top, Zara Grey Sweater and Black Dress, Forever 21 Hat, Brandy Melville Backless Dress.
Photographer: Deborah Santiago

Heat Season | In Collaboration x Moni & Coli

Sun is out, & skies are clear. It is summer, and we are all feeling it, shorts, loose shirts, sandals, swimsuits and unfortunately, the NOT-so-fun part: That evil thing that makes us even more lazy, and want to take a shower every 2 hours, yes extreme heat waves. So here is my solution and/or advice: put on some shorts, a nice crop top, sunnies and you are ready to go. Las week I did my first collaboration with an amazing store called Moni & Coli. They have an AMAZING selection of clothes and accessories perfect for this summer season, and the best of all, at great prices. They are a perfect mix between Nasty Gal, MinkPink and Urban Outfitters. Don't waste another minute, go and check them out!

Wearing: Cockatoo Chic Romper, Lavender Crop Top, Golden Earrings, Bracelets and Sunnies, everything from Moni & Coli, Sandal Heels From Jessica Simpson.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cinturón que no pasa de moda | El Vocero

Finally, here it is! The article about the seatbelt campaign I told you about is finally out! Grab the local newspaper( El Vocero) and read it, if I'm not mistaken, my mother told me it is in page 22(pardon me but I haven't seen it yet, I read it online about five minutes ago). Special thanks to Angeline Salado and her team for giving us this opportunity. 

Wearing: Zara skirt & Necklace

The Other Side of Plaid

Plaids have been around since last year's runway shows, we saw them in Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Anna Sui and Chanel. And so has my skirt, I bought it almost a year ago, though there has not been many occasion in which I've wore it I always find a way to make it look different, because the truth is, it is kinda' "loud" or showy. Anyway, this time I tried to give a whole new twist to the skirt compared to how I've dressed it before( mostly with white blouses or shirts).

Wearing: Zara Plaid Skirt, Forever21 Sweater Crop Top & earrings, Vintage Denim Vest, Jeffrey Campbell Sandal Heels, Miu Miu Sunglasses.

Pictures taken by: Natalia Segarra

Sunday, July 13, 2014


So last week, my fellow blogger friends and I reunited for a cause. We teamed up with CST (Comisión para la seguridad en el tránsito) to promote their new campaign about seat belts and the importance of it. Thousands of lives are killed due to not wearing the seat belt, and a thousand more are saved by it, so do not risk it, we do not want to lose any more lives, save yours and buckle up!
For the collaboration we received these T-shirts and we were asked to do just one thing: Put some style on it! So we did. 
Special thanks to Angeline Salado.
For more info:  Seguridad en el Tránsito 
(I am) Wearing: Zara soft pink high waisted skirt & necklace, Charlotte Russe Pointy Heels.

You can visit my friend's blogs and pages here(from left to right):
-Andrea Devoto: Andrea's Devotion 
-Jean Cintrón: Jean Cintrón Photography
-Charleen Monserrate: The Broke Girls
-Frances Estrada: The Pecking Order
Pictures taken by Abnel Gonzalez


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Wearing: Zara Jeans, F21 Denim Shirt
All pictures taken by Natalia Segarra
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