Monday, February 20, 2017


A few weeks ago I found myself wearing a white dress and a breathtaking white cape in the city of Ponce. What merely started as work, ended up being a magical ambient for a spectacular photoshoot. It was my turn to get in front of Francisco's lens, and I honestly do not know what got into me, but something out of the norm started to happen. The vibe that dress and cape gave me was unreal. It was not me posing anymore, but my inner self (or something similar I think). Maybe it was my own soul telling me to let go of myself and just flow along the wind's direction. I do not know what exactly was but my body felt it. The cape played with the wind so lovely while the dress hugged my body in every corner. There was joy all over the place. There was so much energy in there that Jean (the beautiful girl who's with me in the pictures) started crying tears of pure joy and it was so contagious we basically ended up laughing, crying and with goosebumps all over us. What I wanted to say was, it was indeed, a beautiful moment.

Wearing| Me: Miriam Budet white dress & cape, Novus heels.
Wearing| Jean:  Miriam Budet Blouse & skirt, Reyes Play hat.
Pics: Francisco Alustiza

Special thanks to Centro Cultural de Ponce and Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3/3: The Little Red Dress

About last night's look. For months I've searched for the perfect "little red dress." For a long time now I dreamt about a simple silk red dress with spaghetti straps not because it was IN, but because I wanted to wear something in which I could feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. For me, a red silk dress not only speaks for sensuality, it also demonstrates confidence. Just as a red lipstick can make you invincible, a red dress makes you unstoppable. For my Valentine's date night I wanted to channel everything I just mentioned and so much more. Therefore, last week I started asking a lot of random boutiques I follow on Instagram if they had something similar, and finally my wish came true. I found this gorgeous red silk dress in Moda Gallery Btq, and it was even better than I imagined.
Wherever you went and whatever you wore yesterday, I hope you felt beautiful as always and had an amazing time, as I did.

Wearing:  Moda Gallery red dress, Forever 21 black heel sandals, Aldo clutch, Viviana D'Ontañon thin choker, Forever 21 long necklace, Skagen watch

Saturday, February 11, 2017

2/3: A bit of a Hopelessly Romantic

A romantic person is define as someone whose actions are intended to woo a significant other. A hopelessly romantic is a person that has romantic notions about life and not just about love itself. To be honest, I do think we all have that inside of us, some may be more hopelessly romantic than others, but we all are. When it comes to clothes I sometimes enjoy letting out that side of me. I know I stick to basics most of the time, but it is not about what you wear, but how you wear it or style it. If this February 14th you are thinking of dressing up as your inner "romantica"  think of soft colors. Do not be afraid to wear that calf-length skirt you have always wanted to wear, but are to afraid to do it. If you wanna give it a little twist, something more provocative but that goes with your romantic vibe, think of showing a little skin on the upper part of your body. Try something backless or, like I did, go for a little side-boob action😉. Most of all be confident and feel beautiful, cuz' between you and me, you know you gonna look good!

Wearing: Zara knitted blouse, Zara calf-length skirt, Charlotte Russe heels, Luxe Love Store Belt(that is actually a necklace)


Thursday, February 9, 2017

1/3: We're just Casual

When it comes to Valentine's day I have always tried to go against the masses. I was not the kind of girl who would wear red on the 14th, but it seems like things have changed a little. This year I want it to be all about that color. So if you are thinking of doing something casual like having lunch or going to the movies, you can try to mix it up alongside some other colors or textures, like denim, leather, silk or cotton. Wear pants, a skirt or a dress, but try to keep it down on the shoes and the rest is up to you. So go and have fun with your partner, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or whoever you want to spend that day with.

Wearing: Zara skirt, Zara blouse, Old Navy Denim Jacket, Luxe Love Store sunglasses, Zara Heel Sandals.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Finding the perfect green outfit is no easy task. Since Pantone declared Greenery the color of the year I have been looking for something from that color palette to add to my wardrobe. Even though "verde" was my favorite color when I was little, my love for it slowly vanished. It was not until 2015 that my fixation towards that same color came back. It was not about how good it looked, but about what it meant instead. Green as most of you know, means hope(something we definitely need with USA's newest kid in command), but at the same time it represents nature and that, ladies and gentlemen, is my favorite part. I am a nature aficionado which will do as much as possible to make sure everyone cares a little more about our living and breathing planet. So you must imagine how excited I was when I found out about Greenery. Even though this gorgeous set by designer Osvaldo Valdy is not the exact same tone, it is still green, and that counts for something.
                My friend and amazing designer Valdy made this gorgeous blouse and pant set for an exciting project I worked on these past weeks . When I got the chance to see this in person I was flabbergasted. This beautiful beaded olive green set made me feel complete. From the blouse with  gorgeous sleeves to the pants with the perfect high waist. This set is definitely a talking piece. In conclusion, this was basically the piece I was missing( and constantly looking for) from my puzzle (*cough cough*my wardrobe).

Wearing: Osvaldo Valdy pant and blouse set, Novus coral heels, ALDO bag, Skagen watch.

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