Saturday, February 11, 2017

2/3: A bit of a Hopelessly Romantic

A romantic person is define as someone whose actions are intended to woo a significant other. A hopelessly romantic is a person that has romantic notions about life and not just about love itself. To be honest, I do think we all have that inside of us, some may be more hopelessly romantic than others, but we all are. When it comes to clothes I sometimes enjoy letting out that side of me. I know I stick to basics most of the time, but it is not about what you wear, but how you wear it or style it. If this February 14th you are thinking of dressing up as your inner "romantica"  think of soft colors. Do not be afraid to wear that calf-length skirt you have always wanted to wear, but are to afraid to do it. If you wanna give it a little twist, something more provocative but that goes with your romantic vibe, think of showing a little skin on the upper part of your body. Try something backless or, like I did, go for a little side-boob action😉. Most of all be confident and feel beautiful, cuz' between you and me, you know you gonna look good!

Wearing: Zara knitted blouse, Zara calf-length skirt, Charlotte Russe heels, Luxe Love Store Belt(that is actually a necklace)


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