Saturday, October 24, 2015

Afternoon Delight

It has been a long long time since I first step into this magnificent place, Cuartel de Ballajá. When I first came here it was supposed to be dark, but somehow there was light instead. Every one who has ever been to this beautiful place at night knows exactly what I am talking about, the colorful walls on the inside and even sometimes the small lightbulbs going from one wall to another. It is one of those sceneries you always get to see in movies or pictures but never realize how magical it really is until you get to see it in person. On the other hand, during the day it is completely changed. There is still light, but different this time it is the natural kind of light. One that does not require anything in particular to function, it is just there. It is this kind of light, the one that exposes hidden treasures, secrets or defects there is. Now, there is the real beauty, sadly no one ever pays it the attention it deserves. It is always there, isn't it?
Wearing: Forever 21 Sky blue semi-coat, Forever 21 white dress, Charlotte Russé Heels, Miu Miu Sunglasses & Forever 21 Bag.
Pics by the AMAZING Moonrise

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kind of Bardot | In Collaboration x Novus

It's been quite a few months since we first saw the presence of gladiator sandals everywhere. This season several brands like Chloe release a shoe, gladiator style, but with an edgy twist. This shoe has not only become a woman's best friend for this season, but also our number one confidant. What can we do when we love those heels so much but they betray us and stab us where it hurts the most? We go from ruling the world to hating the world. There is no reason for suffering anymore. If you are like me, a woman who wants comfort and style at the same time, Idore by Novus is one of the brands that pleased us when we needed it the most. These beautiful strapped ballerinas came to me to complement my closet and just any outfit I choose to wear any day of the week and anywhere without sacrificing my feet, and much less my style. Couldn't get any better than this!

To complete my look I chose an off-the-shoulder kind of dress, which are perfect for the temperatures on my island , white, with golden jewelry as always.


Wearing: Capture Glamour dress, Novus strapper ballerinas, Galería Bag and necklace, Miu Miu sunglasses, Novus rings.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Blogger Night II

For the second year, Karla Mercado from the blog The Trend Oven organized a special nights for us, bloggers. The event was held at Le Macaroon in Condado where beauty, fashion, decor, life style and many other types of bloggers enjoyed an amazing night full of macaroons, glasses of champagne and most important, good company. This is an exquisite event, for you to meet many other inspiring bloggers who may have the same vision as you do, or a totally different one. Cheers!


Wearing: Vintage blazer, Zara Top, Pants & Heels, Pacsun Purse, Capture Glamour Choker
*Some of the pics are taken from The Trend Oven Blog


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nailbar | Fall Trends |

Hello readers!
Last month I was invited to join three Merodea ladies at Nailbar Beauty Lounge and try on some of this season nail trends. As I always do, I went with a simple and minimalist look but this time, with a small geometric twist, combining a soft color with a bold one, pale pink and indigo blue and coincidentally matching my outfit. Anyway here is the link for the complete article. Enjoy!


Pics from Merodea.


Monday, July 6, 2015

A Fashion Film: Summer kind of Beautiful

Summer Kind of beautiful is a fashion film in collaboration with K.V. JewellersCOSTA bikinis & Peace And Rock Boutique.
Video and Edit by the amazing Eduardo Perez( )
Models & best friends: Giannina Aponte & Diana Barcia
PS. This video was planned to be published a year ago, but due to many difficulties(*cough an assault and a gun *cough) we couldn't finished it, but here it is, the final result with what were able to worked with.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

10 Minute Waffle Sticks

As some of you may know I am a foodie, and when it comes to cooking I love to give it a risk and try new things. Having that said, I'll like you to meet my new breakfast buddy, Holstein Housewares' waffle maker. This non-sticky waffle maker prepares any kind of waffle in just 10 minutes, but that is not all, they also have cupcake, brownie, pie and even dog treats maker, and again, it is all prepared in just 10 minutes.

This morning I woke up a little indecisive, I wanted banana waffles, but I also wanted chocolate and vanilla waffles, so why not have all in one?
For this recipe you'll need:
-1 egg
-1 cup of almond milk(or any milk)
-2/3 cups of olive oil
-1 tbsp of brown sugar(on any kind of sugar)
-1/2 tbsp of salt
-baking powder mixed with original pancake mix( I used Aunt Jemima, because who doesn't?)
- 1/2 banana
-handful of raspberries
-cocoa nibs

In a bowl, mixed all the ingredients. You can use a blender to get a less viscous batter.
Once you have the batter, pour it into your Holstein Houseware waffle maker.
Wait for 10 minutes.
Voilá, served, eat and enjoy!

Visit Holstein Houseware to get more info about their products and other recipes.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Suit up

I once read a quote that said something like: there was nothing sexier than a woman with a little bit of a man's attitude and nothing more appealing than a man with a woman's sensibility, pardon me if you know this quote better than I do, but the purpose of it is out there. As some of you may know this is the exact same outfit I wore for Nordstrom's Pre-Gala on January 15 which was held at Pikayo Restaurant, I did not had the chance to snap some pics of it at the event so here I am, posting an official post of it, cuz' I just loved it so much! I am not quite sure why, but the feeling I get every time I wear a suit is kind of powerful, and engaging at the same time. It almost feels like you are able to do whatever comes to your mind at that moment... or maybe... ever, like EVER. Anyway wear a suit, don't be shy, trust me. Mix the colors, mix the patterns or maybe don't, just do as you please.
Ps. Sorry for my lack of enthusiasms, I'm kinda' in a rush these days with my physics and orgo exams next week.


Wearing: Zara Suit and pants, Vince Camuto Heels, Forever 21 rings, BCBG Generation Horn Necklace and one my best friend bought me( once again Thank you Gianni I love you!) & Movado watch

Pictures taken by: Fiorella Lucca


Sunday, March 1, 2015

White & Grey

Skirts are what mostly defines a feminine style when it comes to clothing. There is nothing more elegant than a calf length skirt or dress on a woman. Pants or mini's can enjoy occasional dates, but it is the calf length skirt who best captures the feminine side.
Why expose everything when an ankle well-turned is so much more captivating. Don't be scared, give it a try!

Wearing: Zara skirt, top, belt & heels, Forever 21 backpack & rings, Ray Ban Sunglasses
Picture taken by Fiorella Lucca
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