Friday, April 8, 2016


Black is defined as the absence of color, black is what we see when we shut our eyes closed, is that universe we reach when no visible light catches the eye, therefore most people associate it with loss, mourn or misery. That is definitely not my case. For me, black represents something better, something everyone needs once in a while: comfiness and comfort. Grab a loose blouse, put on a dancing skirt, a pair of white sneakers and your coolest leather jacket. Let your inner and outer self be as comfortable as you can, while showing the world self-confidence is all that matters. 

You know how they always say a woman in red is sexy and strong, well, let me tell you something better, a women in black is not afraid of anything. Now go and devour the world!


Wearing: Zara leather jacket & blouse, Nativa calf-length skirt, Adidas Superstar sneakers, Vince Camuto bag, Pianegonda earrings, my photographer's sunglasses.

Photographer: Green Grass Tunnel
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