Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Flowers for Spring

"-Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking!" 
This is everything everyone is expecting when it comes to spring. So what? I do like flowers, specially during spring. It gives me life right after a dark and cozy winter, not that we get much of that here in Puerto Rico, but unfortunately stores and designers do. Therefore, most of the things we see in stores during those months goes along with a white christmas instead of a blue and green one. Once I start seeing these flowery patterns on display my heart kinda' skips a beat and tells me to do the right thing: BUY THAT THING! As you can see, I did buy the blouse 馃槉

Wearing: Zara EVERYTHING


Monday, March 13, 2017

French Vibes

 When it comes to patterns not many people know how to wear them or even feel secure in them. I used to be part of that group of people because I have always chose to wear the simple and plain fabrics. So, to give it a try while feeling secure at the same time, I combined two types of blue and white-striped patterns. Having as an advantage that both pieces, blouse and pants, are the same shade of dark blue, I decided to create a european-inspired look. With a relax atmosphere and even awkward length-everything (pants, blouse and even my hair's), this outfit gives me the french vibes. While the all-american style is focused on perfectly ironed blouses, the french go with the complete oposite. The more wrinkled the better, the more awkward, the best; don't go out trying to be the flashiest, instead choose to be the classiest. Mixing all these pieces together I created an effortless look that, in my opinion, will never go wrong. Even though the contrasting color of blue is orange I wore the closest thing I had, my super yellow bag (which was a gift from my boyfriend, who will be very happy knowing I blogged about it. So thanks babe!) to give the outfit a little "POW".

Pd. How cute are these shoes?

Wearing: Zara blouse, shoes & bag, Forever 21 culottes pants, Zara earrings, Forever 21 rings, Skagen watch, Ray Ban sunnies.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Salsa Pants

 Pardon my hair tie, but I mean...

Are these Salsa pants or what? I don't know about you but these make me wanna go out with my friends and just dance all night long. Ruffles pants are so IN this season, and they should be kept that way ALL year long. Trust me when I tell you that every single time I wear these pants I start giving air kicks on purpose just so people can see how awesome these are. So be careful if you see me in these. Moreover, when planning this look I wanted something lighter and "chicer", but keeping it a little fun anyway. In order to achieve my goal I opted for a lighted-color blouse that is equally fun. The ruffles on the blouse make this outfit look like the perfect combination, maintaining a balance between both, the pants and the blouse. With super sharp and contrasting black ribbons on the shoulders, the heels play beautifully with the whole look. As a statement piece (like the pants aren't enough, right?) I carried one of my favorite bags ever, my red "W de Mamma" kids box. Last but not least, those who know me well know my type of jewelry preferences: golden, delicate and minimalist, even though I do love a little bit of neck layering.
I hope you love this look as much as I do馃挄

Wearing: Zara blouse, pants and heels, Galeria W de Mamma bag, Viviana D'Onta帽贸n neckalces, Forever 21 Rings, Zara hoop earrings, Ray-Ban sunnies.
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