Monday, March 16, 2015

Suit up

I once read a quote that said something like: there was nothing sexier than a woman with a little bit of a man's attitude and nothing more appealing than a man with a woman's sensibility, pardon me if you know this quote better than I do, but the purpose of it is out there. As some of you may know this is the exact same outfit I wore for Nordstrom's Pre-Gala on January 15 which was held at Pikayo Restaurant, I did not had the chance to snap some pics of it at the event so here I am, posting an official post of it, cuz' I just loved it so much! I am not quite sure why, but the feeling I get every time I wear a suit is kind of powerful, and engaging at the same time. It almost feels like you are able to do whatever comes to your mind at that moment... or maybe... ever, like EVER. Anyway wear a suit, don't be shy, trust me. Mix the colors, mix the patterns or maybe don't, just do as you please.
Ps. Sorry for my lack of enthusiasms, I'm kinda' in a rush these days with my physics and orgo exams next week.


Wearing: Zara Suit and pants, Vince Camuto Heels, Forever 21 rings, BCBG Generation Horn Necklace and one my best friend bought me( once again Thank you Gianni I love you!) & Movado watch

Pictures taken by: Fiorella Lucca



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