Sunday, July 13, 2014


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Hello readers! This is going to be quick, so here it goes. My name is Carla C. Fernández I am a biology student, a painter, a fashion guru( at  least I think I am), and I am certainly fascinated by food. Studying? well I've been doing that since I can remember, Painting? since I was 7 years old, Fashion Guru/Lover? Also since I was little, you can ask my mom if you want(she has one hell of a style), and last but not least, Eater? well, who doesn't love food? Anyway this blog, my blog, is dedicated to the love I have or feel towards fashion and to the amazing pleasure I get in every bite I take. Stay classy and bon appetit!
Wearing: Zara Jeans, F21 Denim Shirt
All pictures taken by Natalia Segarra

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