Thursday, July 31, 2014

Artejangueo- Fashion Edition

Three weeks ago I went with some of my friends, bloggers and non-bloggers, to Artejangueo. For those who do not know what Artejangueo is, just imagined the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico open at night with live art, a lot of people dressed to impress, an open bar and well, this time due to the Fashion theme, some designer presented pieces from their collections. The interesting part about this night, besides, well, being actually there, was that all my blogger friends and I wore Jean Cintrón that night. He took care of everything, he created every single piece of clothes we wore, and the best of all was that each one of us preserved our own style. Oh and btw, if you haven't noticed yet, Jean is the one standing besides us in the first picture.


Wearing: Jean Cintrón Dress, My grandma's diamond necklace, Vintage golden necklace, Rosary Necklace my brother brought me from Mexico, Forever 21 Heels, Aldo Clutch and Rings, and Zara Belt. In the last picture I'm trying on a necklace from Punky's latest collection.

Pictures courtesy of Charleen Monserrate & one instagram pic from Jean Cintrón.

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