Sunday, July 13, 2014


So last week, my fellow blogger friends and I reunited for a cause. We teamed up with CST (Comisión para la seguridad en el tránsito) to promote their new campaign about seat belts and the importance of it. Thousands of lives are killed due to not wearing the seat belt, and a thousand more are saved by it, so do not risk it, we do not want to lose any more lives, save yours and buckle up!
For the collaboration we received these T-shirts and we were asked to do just one thing: Put some style on it! So we did. 
Special thanks to Angeline Salado.
For more info:  Seguridad en el Tránsito 
(I am) Wearing: Zara soft pink high waisted skirt & necklace, Charlotte Russe Pointy Heels.

You can visit my friend's blogs and pages here(from left to right):
-Andrea Devoto: Andrea's Devotion 
-Jean Cintrón: Jean Cintrón Photography
-Charleen Monserrate: The Broke Girls
-Frances Estrada: The Pecking Order
Pictures taken by Abnel Gonzalez

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