Sunday, June 11, 2017

La Tigre Uomo x Oda a la Moda| Men's Section

 When it comes to shopping I have always ended up in the men's section. Not only because I have two brothers or because I mostly go shopping with my male friends but because big blouses and big trousers are a go go for me. I hope you all agree with me on this one. Wether it's only the fact of wearing something of the opposite sex or maybe the way it fits us, there is something incredibly sexy about a woman in men's clothes. I have always believed in practical over fashionable. There is no place for suffering when it comes to my wardrobe.

This time I went for a full manly look. In order to accomplish that I went to La Tigre Uomo. A men store with an italian vision and a caribbean touch located in Condado, San Juan. La Tigre Uomo is the place to go for this father's day gift. Once I entered the store I found a big, white blouse and big, white and blue striped trousers. A classic european men combo'. Breezy and comfy' enough for this puerto rican weather, that can and is your best gift option. Not just because it is a great outfit, but because it is versatile enough for a woman to wear it too 😉  That means more outfit options for him and you, even if he doesn't know it!

Wearing: La Tigre Uomo Full look

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