Saturday, June 3, 2017

Boca Ciega x Oda a la Moda| Geometric

I have always been a person that prefers neutrals over vibrant colors. Not that I don't enjoy wearing a bold red piece or a patterned blouse, but I always tend to stay calm when it comes to clothing. Staying low on you outfit choices does not mean boring, but people tend to relate both terms and that is BIG mistake. What those people don't know is that in order to make yourself standout among a diverse crowd of patterns, fabrics, and colors sometimes you just gotta keep it simple, and that my friends, is the hard part. They way you complement your outfit say a lot about you as a person, and of course your appearance is the first thing everyone sees. Wether you decide to keep it simple or wrapped yourself with a lot of jewelry, that is the finishing touch to the beginning of your day or night.

As you all know I am always wrapped in golden pieces. Maybe it is because of the classiness it adds to my outfits or because it makes me stand out among a colorful or pale crowd. To add a little more of a shocking touch, feel free to play with the different shapes or forms your selection of earrings, bracelets, rings, etc... has to offer. I do enjoy adding geometrical shapes to my #OOTD and with these Boca Ciega earrings my guilty pleasure is satisfied. Notice that even though I am wearing a blouse with silver circles I still chose triangle and golden pieces. That I never do, but honestly, with this Boca Ciega  pieces that was not a problem for me.

Wearing: Boca Ciega jewelry, Zara top, Capture Glamour pants

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